Sunday, August 29, 2010

eNetworks celebrates Women's month and more ...

August is Women's month and at eNetworks we are proud of the dynamic women we have supporting us. From our call centre to our Directors, we acknowledge the team of women that make things happen. Our focus this month is our senior team management team. They are:
  • Dumisa Melane - Customer Services Manager, eNetworks Director
  • Leslie Maliepaard - General Manager
  • Danielle Guignet - Sales/Procurement Manager
  • Karen Swart - Senior Accountant
We're celebrating more than just Women's month in August. Added to this, we've expanded our office to accommodate for future growth. Having started the business more than ten years ago, we have grown in both the services we offer and the office space we occupy. But most importantly, our promise of delivering a service beyond the call of duty remains our focus.

Dumisa Melane happens to be responsible for this. She provides the interface between customers, suppliers and most importantly, the technical team. Apart from having one of the most important roles, she has been with us since 2001 and this year, she celebrates her decade with us. Well done Dumisa!

She is passionate about many things. One of them is the ability to continuously learn from mentors and peers around her. The difference here is that as much as she loves learning, she gives back even more. In her spare time she likes reading, listening to music and likes playing handy "man" around the home and enjoys working on various DIY projects.

She cites one of her career highlights as the day she was offered the opportunity to become a Director in the company.

Official job title: Customer Service Manager

Leslie Maliepaard is a woman of many talents. She joined eNetworks out of a need to free up time for one of the Director's to focus on Business and Product Development.

The role called for a General Manager and she fit the criteria perfectly. Not much persuasion was needed for her to join the company. She has a strong Financial Management and HR focus as well as heavily driving Sales and Marketing.

Leslie cites her career highlight as being awarded a US grant to attend a Women Entrepreneurship programme in the USA. It was a 180 degree career changing experience where she learned about the power of women in business and how important, (no critical) their roles in business are.

She loves reading, cooking, yoga, photography, scuba diving and her passions are linked to food, travel, wine and cool gadgets of all sorts.

Official job title: General Manager

Danielle Guignet, a newbie to the team, has 16 years of experience under her belt. She became involved with eNetworks after being part of the Tarsus Technologies team.

She cites her career highlight as "knowing that every company I have worked for would employ me again".

Painting, spending time with her children (her passion in life) as well as her dogs, is how she likes spending her down time.

Official job title: Sales/Procurement Manager

Karen Swart another newbie to the team, is responsible for a critical aspect of business, the Accounts Department. She ensures that the accounts are processed smoothly. She enjoys the atmosphere in the office and the dynamic energy of the team.

"Never a dull moment in the office" she says.

Official job title: Senior Accountant

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