Monday, November 29, 2010

Moustache Mafia strikes again - a mu'ving way to end Movember ..

They're back! The "Moustache Mafia" strikes again and this time, they mean business.

As "Movember" draws to a close, the business of making sure everyone remembers the month throughout the year is their top priority.

They're serious about "Movember" and about showing their support.

What they do leave us with looking at the photo above reminds me of a scene in the Godfather where Al Pacino, (who plays Michael Corleone) meets with his "family" because something "big" is going on.

But in true "Moustache Mafia-boss-style", "Corleone" calmly stares into space and leaves us with these famous last words as we end of the month, "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse".

Let "Movember" be on your mind all year and remember, the "Moustache Mafia" is watching .... dah dah dahm..... (cue cheesy mafia movie music).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Moustache Mafia Mu-ving through Movember ..

I love the "gees" the team at eNetworks sprouts throughout the year. From Valentines Day, to Halloween, the team spirit is always visible. BUT, we have to compliment the guys for their "Movember" spirit.

The team has officially been named "Moustache Mafia", sprouting their "Movember" 'taches and matching outfits, one has to commend their support for the month of mo's.

But what IS "Movember" and why all the fuss surrounding facial hair? Movember (formerly known as November), is a month long moustache growing charity event held each year to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

Having started in Australia seven years ago, Movember has grown to be an international event, taking place in six countries. This global expansion looks set to continue with demand from Mo Bros and Sistas around the world wanting to grow moustaches and celebrate Movember in their own countries. As a direct result, six new countries have been added to this year’s campaign, of which South Africa is one!

Nice "growing" team eNetworks. We love that your spirit is fun and cause all rolled into one.

Happy Movember!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What IS the excitement of checking into a hotel room? You guess it, FREE WIFI

You're a regular traveler, whether locally or internationally. As you sit at the airport waiting for your flight to board, your notebook is whipped out and away we go. Most airports have wireless access providing a multitude of service providers to choose from, wonderful!
Time to board (wishing all airlines had on board Internet access), we may or may not whip our our notebook again to work (it all depends on the flight schedule) and sooner than later, arrive safely at our destination. Either a driver from the hotel collects us from the airport, or we hire a car and voila, we arrive at our hotel.

My first question to the con-siege, "Is there WiFi in this hotel?", one of three responses occur which affect the mood of my entire day:
  1. yes, it is included with your package, free access, enjoy! (I hear my favorite rock tune start playing in my head, head banging, the works, feels great!)
  2. yes, it is accessible via a voucher, which only costs Rxx (may as well be a million dollars, since it is always a rip off)
  3. no, sorry, but we do have an Internet cafe, just around the corner (doh!)

As you can see, the price for convenience when traveling is priceless.  If I have a 3G card around, no worries, but if I made the mistake of a) not having one or b) leaving it at home, the sound of inconvenience makes me cranky.

Hotels should realise (by now) how important reliable, consistent internet access in a hotel and especially the rooms are. Business people who travel frequently play catchup after the working day is over and not having connectivity in a hotel room adds strain to the day, since we cannot proceed with a daily catchup.

Today's tip: when booking a hotel, check if there is connectivity / WiFi access. Even if not used, the benefit of quick, easy, free access is definitely worth paying an extra buck for. Here are a list of hotels in SA, offering (or including WiFi, caveat, we cannot vouch for any of these hotels and always check their websites before you book, includes WiFi does not mean FREE ;))
Happy traveling and remember to check before you travel to avoid disappointment. However, if your favorite hotel does not have WiFi access in the room, how about suggesting they start offering it to guests. After all, a happy guest is one who returns.