Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Technology trends to take note of, plan now, save later ...

The hardest thing to do post New Year is get into the work groove.

How can we help? By bringing the top technology trends to take notice of, while you do the hard work, like plan your life and your business.

We've scrutinized the predictions provided by the following resources, then picked our top 10:
Our top 10 technology predictions for 2011 are:
  1. Table PCs
    1. With the showcase of 80 new Table PCs at the Consumer Electronics Show, most of them actually run on Windows 7 and have been reviewed to be easier to carry around than laptops and more suited to daily ops one would carry out when on the move.  
  2. Mobile web
    1. Mobile is exploding. We can see this. How? Even users in third world countries without access to computers have mobile phones and then there are the Generation Y's and even these users are getting younger and younger. What should we watch out? Security issues pose a HUGE threat to this booming industry.
  3. Platform-Independent Mobile AD Tools
    1. A common complaint by web development companies is often that they cannot develop applications that would work 100% across all platforms within project time or budget. 
    2. Tools such as Flash, Silverlight and AIR, as well as multiplatform development tools such as Qt, Appcelerator and Java Micro Edition will be used more and more to deliver more stable, cross platform apps.
  4. App stores
    1. App stores are becoming  a vital part of the online ecosystem for users in both personal and business capacities. One of the biggest advantages I have personally used many times, is my directions map when traveling anywhere.
      (We've heard a rumour that Microsoft will launch their own app store soon, lets see how true this is.)
  5. Virtualization or the "Cloud"
    1.  Gone are the days where clunky hardware is require. Rated the no.1 technology (by Gartner) in 2010, the "Cloud" is here to stay. Not only does it reduce the need for actual space, it can save your company thousands annually.
  6. Video
    1.  Although not a new trend, Gartner believes that video will become the mainstream medium for communication with users across platforms.
  7. Social Analytics
    1. "Social analytics describes the process of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the results of interactions and associations among people, topics and ideas."
    2. Why this would be important to your organization is post data collection, identifying relationships and evaluating the impact of managing that relationship directly affects your bottom line.
  8. Social Media
    1. Your audience may not frequent social media for business purposes, but it is becoming a vital tool for business. Information is distilled into bite size which users choose to consume and quick engagement with consumers is now possible.
    2. Use social media to network, collaborate, publish and get feedback.
  9. Touch Screens
    1.  With companies like Sony and HP already in the market with touch screen desktop monitors, we see them becoming the dominant user interface on large-screen handsets as well.
  10. Device-Independent Security
    1. Device-independent security solutions will be developed to help to deliver web applications that run on a range of devices across multiple platforms. This will significantly reducing security risks
It pays to take notice of these trends, although nothing is set in stone. Happy planning for 2011.

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    Mobile phones, wireless connectivity and notebooks making this round world flat ..

    In a world of wireless technology, access to .. well anyone is easy. So easy that should you live in a "third-world" country, the ability to wire funds anywhere in the globe is possible as long as you have a mobile phone.

    Add to this working longer hours and anywhere, the world is (I wish I could say it was literally spinning faster since it feels that way sometimes) spinning faster.

    But does technology hamper or enable?

    On the plus side, we can work remotely anywhere in the world. 
    On the minus side, we can work remotely from anywhere in the world. 

    Ironic, isn't it?

    Gone are the days where holidays meant leaving your notebook behind and even when you do, your Smart Phone beeps away as emails are received. At the end of the day, the innate need to be connected or not really lies with the holder of the Smart Phone.

    To iPhone, Android or Blackberry that is the question. Oh and let's not forget Windows?

    Android has overtaken iPhone in market share and although Blackberry offers best value for money in the Smart phone category, Android has managed to take the top spot.

    How to know which make is best for you?

    Personal preference really? Personally, I am an Apple fan, although I have to confess that the HTC gives me a slight stirring. Once you're used to touch screen, I find I assume everything is.

    My coolest find for 2011? Touch screen monitors. 

    For health reasons, it may take off sooner than later. Why? Although most users now have notebooks, we still use a mouse and extended mouse use has been shown to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    If we've learned anything about technology though is that it enables and makes life more efficient. The trick is to know when not to react to every beep that comes along.

    Oops, have to go (☆◑‿◐).