Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Staff "Cocktail Shake-Down" in true eNetworks style of course ..

Who says celebrations have to happen at the end of the year? Our motto, celebrate anytime! To get our team motivated for a great year ahead, we gathered all staff for a "cocktail shake-down"
As our staff arrived at the office, they were greeted with a cocktail demonstration and drinks with colourful umbrellas.

Seeing that the shake-down was a competition, everyone was eager for the games to begin. The participants had a limited time to invent their own cocktail, along with a name for their creation.  
These drinks were judged on: 
  • taste
  • creativity of name 
  • presentation
It was pure entertainment for everyone as the competitors got stuck into their cocktail mixing. Those not taking part in the "cocktail shake-down" watched as spirits got mixed, shakers clattered, blenders buzzed and pineapple flew.

As you can imagine we had some seriously creative cocktails, some that looked absolutely fantastic and others that just looked well...what can I say ... interesting :).
There were three judges (all staff) who had the difficult task judging the cocktails. One of the judging criteria was "taste" and boy did they taste the good, the bad and the down right yukky. The good ones looked appetizing, interesting and ultimately tasted good, but then there were the “special” ones... say hello to “what the hell is that!?!”. 
The memory is scarred by one drink in particular...the "Chunky Cocktail" that looked like it had been cooked up in a lab.  It had an interesting blue-green colour with a strange texture I can only hope was pineapple.

I had the pleasure (or displeasure) of tasting this one. As you sucked on the straw something gets lodged in it (blowing is not an option as the glass is full to the top) and the only option is to suck harder.  Close your eyes and wait for it...WACK, a chunk of pineapple gets shot down your throat with a flourish of strong alcohol.  Shame those poor judges, but they were great sports and did a great job of judging!

A huge THANK YOU to the THREE of them. 
After much deliberation three winners were selected. Taking 1st place was Ezaad and his drink "The Broken Toon nael" in 2nd place was Conrad and his "Vesper Martini", and in 3rd place were Karen and Melanie with their drink "It’s a wrap".

Well done to the three winners who all won prizes for their efforts.
What is a party without the great people?  Luckily, we have loads of them and much laughter, fun, face pulling, drinks and sticky floors were had, as one would expect from a staff-cocktail-party :)

What a great day, when’s the next one :)?

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