Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Highlights from the ITWeb Social Security Summit

Attended the ITWeb Social Security Summit at the Southern Sun, presented by Kaspersky Lab and ITWeb. Stefan Tanase, Senior Security Researcher from Romania, flew in just for the event and delivered his presentation.

The top tips highlighted were:
  • Malware is becoming more complex
  • Networks have three layers of ways targeted attacks can happen.
    • Company networks
    • Devices connecting to the networks
    • Social media platforms
  • Kaspersky Labs process 70 000 malicious programs daily
  • More and more worms are created for additional platforms such as Mac
Top 5 threats for business:
  1. Targeted attacks
  2. Information leakage
  3. Social networking account gets compromised
  4. Malware distribution ("customers" can post to your wall and their machines are infected)
  5. Social networking - information available freely available 
Tips for staying safe:
  • Know your "social" friends
  • Be "security aware"
  • If you're not sure about something, don't post it
  • Companies need to realise that blocking these sites is not the best idea. Educate your staff and create policies around usage
  • Scan your pc for Malware every few days
  • Update your Anti-Virus software every few days
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